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Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (also known as TMJ)  symptoms are usually found in the facial area and neck which cause headaches and limited movement in the jaw.
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You can also do some jaw strengthening exercises. 
To do Jaw resisting, Start with your mouth open an inch. Place your downward facing palm underneath your chin and attempt to open the mouth by pressing upward. Resist the the opening by keeping your jaw at the level of the original opening. Hold for six seconds. close and relax the jaw. Do this motion five times for a total of 30 seconds. Repeat daily.
You can do the opposite by placing your hand above your chin with your mouth open. Attempt to close the while pulling downward. Repeat as above daily.
When you have pain in the facial area its usually a warning sign, as with any pain, that the jaw joint is in dysfunction.  TMJ is a musculoskeletal condition that is often caused by clenching of the teeth. This causes the chewing muscles to tighten and clamp down on the jaw inhibiting full range of motion and causing pain. Since the chewing muscle shares functions with the neck, its dysfunction is the cause of headaches and neck pain.
Chiropractic care care relieve the pain in the jaw as well as any other pain related to the TMJ pain.We will get you the care you need.