Starkey Chiropractic,
Neck and Low Back Pain Relief Center
Where you need it, When you need it, When you want it
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What we have to offer:

* Therapies                                                           * Nutritional Supplements
      - Standard adjustments 

      -  Y-Strap Adjustments                                       - Standard Process Varieties  

      - Instrument adjustments (gentle and low force)

      - Flexion Dis-Traction ( tractional adjustment)      * Bio-freeze
      - Traction (roller table)                                         - Cold therapy pain relief
      - Decompression                                                          

       - Pre-Mod (electrical stimulation)                       * Symmetry Orthotics

      - Ultra-Sound (deep heat therapy)                        - Fitting by specific tests

      - Laser Therapy (deep heat therapy)                    - Helps with balance

      - Hot and Cold Pack Therapies                                                                                       

*We do....                                                       *We do not do...
-Personal injury cases                                         -Boy Scout Physicals
     -Auto Accident cases        -DOT Physicals
     -Worker Compensation cases

      -Athletic Physicals
You come in when you need to, only if it feels good and only if it helps. We strive to help you be pain free, if there are types of treatments that work best for you please let us know.  If we cannot help you, we will find the doctor who can.