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Patient Testimonials

9-18-12 Age:60
"I have been going to see Dr. Starkey since before 1984. Over the years, he has always been professional, personable, and accommodating. He has always been able to adjust me as soon as he could fit me into his schedule. He doesn't kill me when he adjusts me. I always feel better after I leave. He fixes the problem, and doesn't have me coming back for unnecessary procedures. Dr. Starkey has the best hands in the business!"
                                                -Doris Ferguson

" Great enviroment and pleasant staff. Will recomend Dr. Starkey to all my friends."

                                                                    -Heather Branem

2-29-12 Age: 43
" I love visiting Dr. Starkey and his staff. They are so pleasant and caring. They always make their best effort to get me in for an Appt. and Dr. Starkey's personal and professional care is constant. Dr. Starkey answers any questions I may have and suggests healthy ways to benefit "my" health. It's like visiting friends when i get adjusted, which is why i still come to Dr. Starkey after 27 years. You just can't get care and service that reliable anywhere else!!
                                                                       -Jane Walters
3-2-12 Age: 40
" Dr. Starkey's staff is very friendly and helpful. They nearly always can get me in to see the Dr. the same day I call. Dr. Starkey has helped me through 2 car accidents recently. I truly believe I would still be in pain if it were not for Dr. Starkey. If I had not visited Dr. Starkey I would have missed work but I did not have to because of the adjustments and therapy. Thank you, Dr. Starkey!
                                                                                   -Beatrice Boss
3-2-12 Age: 43
" At times, my back or neck needs adjusted a certain way. I have tried other chiropractors, but end up coming back to Starkey, he cares, he takes his time and he is honest. I visited Starkey for an issue. he checked me over and told me to go to the Dr., he wasn't able to help. Knowing that there is someone able to help us when we need it takes a lot of stress away and always can get in within 10-15 min., most of the time right away."
                                                                                       -Brian Boss
" Dr. Starkey has flexible hours that work great for my busy schedule. His gentle approach and expertise in chiropractics have kept me coming back to him when I find my back pain and other areas troubling me. I also enjoy his wonderful staff and their professional abilities that make this office an awesome place. I always leave with a smile on my face. Thanks Dr. Starkey and his staff!!"
                                                                                         -Linda Yoder
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