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Sciatica is the shooting pain or tingling that goes down the length of the leg, or both legs, often with limited mobility and lower back pain.
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The sciatic is a long cable-like nerve approximately the thickness of the pinky. The sciatic nerve is located in some of the body's most vulnerable regions, and is more susceptible to irritation. The lower back is one hot spot and the hip is another. Since these areas are the most neglected, wear and tear on the discs happen. They soon begin to bulge if under constant pressure and If this occurs by the sciatic nerve, it presses on the roots causing pain.

The hip, like the lower back gets neglected as well. The muscle in the hip region, if injury is caused, will spasm traping the sciatic nerve compressing it causing pain anywhere from the buttocks to the tip of the toes.
Chiropractic care can relieve the sciatic pain and manage the underlying problem and cause. We seek to get you back on your feet, happy and pain free.