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Headaches have many potential causes and types. For the most part headaches are caused by the dilation or contraction of blood vessels in the brain, which cause pain the the head, temples, behind the eyes or at the base of the skull.
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Type of Headache General Symptoms Potential Cause(s)
Common Migraine Severe throbbing pain, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, sensitivity to light/sound Excessive dilation or contraction of blood vessels in the brain
Classic Migraine Same as above, but preceded by visual disturbances, numbness in hands/legs, hallucinations and/or smelling strange odors. Excessive dilation or contraction of blood vessels in the brain
Cluster Headache Severe, throbbing pain (one side of the head only); flushing of the face, tearing of eyes, nasal congestion Stress, alcohol use, smoking
Tension Headache Constant pain in one area or all over the head; sore muscles and pain in neck and upper back; light-headedness and dizziness Stress/anxiety, depression, anger, food allergies, poor posture
Bilious Headache Dull pain in forehead; throbbing temples Indigestion, overeating, lack of exercise
Caffeine Headache Throbbing pain Caffeine withdrawal, causing blood vessels to dilate
Exertion Headache Generalized headache during or after physical exertion (exercise, etc.) or passive exertion (sneezing, coughing, etc.) Usually related to migraine or cluster headache; rarely related to organic disease.
Eyestrain Headache Bilateral frontal pain (usually) Eye muscle imbalance, uncorrected vision, astigmatism
Fever Headache Generalized headache Inflammation of blood vessels caused by fever/infection
Hunger Headache Headache that strikes just before mealtime or after prolonged fasting Low blood sugar and muscle tension caused by skipping meals, stringent dieting
Sinus Headache Nagging pain over the nasal/sinus area; may increase in intensity as day progresses Allergies or infection leading to blocked sinus ducts or acute sinus problems
TMJ Headache Pain above the ear, on the sides of the jaw or in the face; clicking or popping of jaw; muscle contractions on one side of the face Stress, poor bite, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, gum chewing
Headaches can ruin the day or even more, a week. Chiropractic care can get you back to your activities sooner and without the toxic pain killers that only temporarily relieve the pain and not focus on the underlying problem.