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Degenerative Disc Disease
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Degenerative Disc Disease is not really a disease but a term used to describe changes in your spinal discs. The discs are soft, compressible discs that separate the vertebrae of the spine. The discs act as shock absorbers for the spine, allowing it to flex, bend, and twist.

Degenerative disc disease can take place throughout the spine, but it most often occurs in the discs in the lower back (lumbar region) and the neck (cervical region).

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As we age the discs become worn and start to break down. This causes the jelly like substances between the discs to expand and be forced out of the cracks in the discs causing the discs to bulge.
As the space between the discs become smaller, the padding also gets smaller causing the spine to weaken. This will be the cause of many back aches and headaches as well as neck pain, but also varies from person to person. The amount of pain also will be in the result of a more serious injury and disc damage.
Chiropractic care can realign the spine and decompression therapy will aid in decreasing the pain.