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                                               Are you suffering from...


                   Low Back Pain                              - Sciatica

                    - Neck Pain                                   - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

                    - Headaches                                  - TMJ  

                    - Joint Pain                                   - Knee Pain                       

                    - Degenerative disc disease


                                      Have you experienced....

                    - An auto accident           - Workers Comp. Injury


                          Contact Dr. Jack Starkey Jr. for relief.


-New patients welcome
-Care plans specific to your condition
-We work with you to achieve your goal and level of satisfaction
-Most Insurance accepted
  (exception of medicaid at this  time.)

-Will verify Insurance benefits
-Variety of payment options
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   Tues: 7:30-11:30 1:30-6:30
   Wed: Closed
   Thurs: 7:30
-11:30 1:30-5:00
   Fri: 7:30-12:00
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